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To memorialize the Mother of Brooklyn, Priscilla Baltimore, and the founding families of what would become the Village of Brooklyn, Illinois, the Historical Society of Brooklyn, Illinois is endeavoring to create a memorial park. Brooklyn plays a critical role in American history. Brooklyn is not only America's oldest Black town, founded decades before the Civil War, but it is one of only a few that have persisted until today. Housed within the park will be the recently dedicated monument containing the history of Freedom Village, as well as the memorial walkway, that would memorialize some of Brooklyn's prominent former and current citizens. This monument and memorial walkway will not only serve as a space to reflect on the past, but will also be a catalyst for community beautification, pride, and joy for future generations to come. Every great undertaking comes with a cost. The Historical Society of Brooklyn, Illinois can't bear the cost to bring this vision to pass alone. We're seeking the support of everyday people like you to help make this vision a reality. No contribution is too large or small. Whatever financial seed you decide to contribute to this campaign is an investment in this project’s success. Thank you in advance for your consideration and contribution.

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